The HOPA workshop aims to bring together the various growing communities involved in the analysis of higher-order programs. The focus of the workshop is both on tools and techniques for practical analysis, and on the dissemination of new theoretical results.


The workshop program and submissions are now available.

Important Dates

  • Submission deadline [EXTENDED]: 17 June, 2015.
  • Notification: 19th June, 2015.
  • Main event: 4th July, 2015.

Invited Speakers


Submissions are encouraged in the form of tool presentations, exposition of best results, and topic tutorials or surveys. The emphasis is on building bridges between communities. Areas include but are by no means limited to the theory and practice of

  • k-CFA, CFA2 and its variants,
  • Higher-order and collapsible pushdown systems,
  • Higher-order recursion schemes,
  • Liquid types,
  • Refinement types,
  • Static analysis of higher-order programs,
  • Symbolic execution of higher-order programs, and
  • Verification of higher-order programs.


There will be no formal proceedings of the workshop. Work presented may be submitted elsewhere for formal publication, or, indeed, may have already been formally published. We encourage participants with analysis tools to make these tools available on our website. This can be done either by providing us with source tarballs or zip files, or by providing us with links to the tool homepage as part of the submission.


Submissions may range from 1 page abstracts through to 15 page tutorials or surveys in the llncs format. Please indicate on your submission how long you would like to talk for. This may range from 10 minutes for cool new ideas, or 45-60 minutes for full tutorials or surveys. Submission will be via easychair via the following link:

Program Chairs

Program Committee

Steering Committee

Contact Details

All enquires can be directed at: matthew.hague !! rhul ac uk (where !! is @ and spaces are .s).

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